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2019 - 2020 Off-Reservation Bison Hunt update:

As of 1/29/2019, no bison were moving outside of Yellowstone National Park.  Snow conditions may change in the

next couple of weeks, which could prompt bison migration outside of the park.  Tribal bison hunters can also

call the Bison hotline for updated information 406-994-5700.

$5.00 Bear Spray Available To The Public

You may purchase a can of bear spray for $5.00 at the Blackfeet Fish and Wildlife Office during normal business hours from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.  The requirements for the purchase will include a $10.00 conservation/recreation permit to non-member residence and non-member/non-residence.  The program requires a 7 minute video demonstration along with a short survey.  After the video, the purchaser will demonstrate how to correctly use the bear spray with an inert spray.