Tribal Members and Descendants, Fishermen, Hunters, Visitors and Recreation enthusiasts, Okii (Hello), welcome to the Blackfeet Nation; I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for supporting our Fish and Wildlife Department. Please have a safe and enjoyable time while visiting and utilizing our beautiful homelands. 

Sincerely Dona Rutherford, Director - Blackfeet Fish & Wildlife Department



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Online Licensing


Online Licensing - When purchasing online license 2016 Season is still in effect until March 31, 2017.  

April 1, 2017 is the start of the 2017 season.  Thank you.


Reminder - All 2016 hunters need to complete a harvest report before the 2017 hunting season. If you have any questions you can call the BFWD office (406) 338-7207.  Thank you.


Blackfeet Nation Closes All Waters

For Immediate Release

November 11, 2016

The Blackfeet Nation will close all of its water until further notice due to the recent announcement by Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks that Tiber Reservoir tested positive for invasive mussel veligers.  Canyon Ferry was announced as "suspect" for mussels.  The closure will go into effect immediately, and may be lifted in whole or part as detection teams are deployed to determine which Blackfeet waters, if any, have been infected by either Tiber or Canyon Ferry.


The Closure will ban both motorized and non-motorized craft, but fishing from the banks of Blackfeet waters will be permitted.  "NO WADERS" -  Waders are not acceptable (no felt bottom boots)


Dona Rutherford, the Director of the Blackfeet Fish and Wildlife Department explained that the closure is necessary to protect Blackfeet waters from contamination. "Until the Blackfeet ascertain which if any of our waters have been impacted, this precautionary step will ensure that unimpaired waters retain their current mussel-free status," said Rutherford.


In 2015, the Blackfeet adopted Ordinance 113, which required all watercraft - motorized and non-motorized - to be inspected prior to launching on Blackfeet waters.  In the same year, the Blackfeet, in partnership with the Flathead Basin Commission, opened the first Tribal watercraft inspection station (WIS) in Montana in Browning on Highway 2.  In 2016, a second WIS was opened in Seville, outside of Cut Bank.  "In 2017, we will need to significantly increase our efforts if we are to be successful at preventing mussel introductions within the boundaries of the Blackfeet Reservation." said Tyson Running Wolf, Tribal Business Council.  The Blackfeet will be evaluating steps that need to be taken in 2017 to beef up thier existing AIS prevention effort.  Ordinance 113 is the most protective statute of its kind in Montana, and it is hopeful that it can be used as the model for the State in developing AIS legislation during the 2017 session.


For further information contact Dona Rutherford, Director of Blackfeet Fish and Wildlife at 406-338-7207.