Moose Hunts Avaiblabe On the Blackfeet Reservation through the Montana Game and Fish Department.

Helena MT - Mar 1sr, 2023

Those interested in entering a lottery for a guided trophy moose hunt on the Blackfeet Reservation will have two opportunities to enter the drawing. Hunters can purchase opportunities for the first lottery beginning March 1 through midnight on May 1. The second lottery sales will begin on May 3 and end on midnight July 1. For more information go to fwp.mt.gov/buyand apply or for more info

2023 Non-Tribal Big Game Licenses, lotteries, and aucitons will be available online and through the Game and Fish office starting on February 1st, 2023


The bison near Gardiner, MT are migrating in significant numbers, so bison hunting is better that it has been for several years.

Tribal hunters are encouraged to participate.   Blackfeet game wardens will strive to be present from Thursday through Sunday


Attention: Tribal Member Off-reservation Hunting tags and Bison Lottery Applications are still available!

Tribal Member Off-reservation Hunting tags are still available for sale online and at the Blackfeet Fish & Wildlife Department office.   


There will be 12 Tribal member bison hunt lotteries, 2 descendant bison hunt lotteries, and 2 tribal elder bison hunts (all tribal elders over 60 years of age are eligible for free entry in these drawings).  


02/02/23 Update: Cow Bison #6 winner = Tristan Burke; Bull Bison #7 winner = Joe Hagberg; Bull Bison #8 winner = Minnow Gervais; Descendant Bull #1 winner = Wallace Gladstone. 

**Please be advised that bison lottery winners, like other Tribal lotteries, are ineligible to participate for 2 years in the lottery in which they were declared a winner.**



Blackfeet Bison Hunt Lotteries

Tribal member hunts    Sales Opening Date     Sales Closing Date     Drawing Date

Bison #1                             09/26/22                        10/20/22                     10/21/22

Bison #2                             10/22/22                        11/03/22                      11/04/22

Bison #3                             11/05/22                         11/17/22                      11/18/22

Bison #4                             11/19/22                         12/01/22                      12/02/22

Bison #5                             12/03/22                         12/15/22                      12/16/22

Bison #6                             12/17/22                          12/29/22                      12/30/22

Bison #7                              12/31/22                          01/12/23                      01/13/23

Bison #8                              01/14/23                          01/26/22                      01/27/23

Bison #9                              01/28/23                           02/09/23                      02/10/23

Bison #10                            02/11/23                           02/2323                      02/24/23

Bison #11                             02/25/23                          03/09/23                      03/10/23

Bison #12                           03/11/23                            03/23/23                      03/24/23

Descendant Hunts      Sales Opening Date         Sales Closing Date           Drawing Date

Bison #13                        now                                   11/17/22                              11/18/22

Bison #14                       11/19/22                              02/23/23                             02/24/23

Tribal Elder Hunts         Sales Opening Date           Sales Closing Date             Drawing Date

Bison #15                         now                                    11/17/22                               11/18/22

Bison #16                         11/19/22                              02/23/23                               02/24/23



Attention: Non-Tribal Member Trophy Big Game Hunters

The Blackfeet Fish and Wildlife Department has sold 5 trophy moose tags via auction.  One trophy bighorn sheep was auctioned off between February 1st and April 30th, 2022.

All the other non-member big game hunts are currently for sale on a  first-come, first served basis. Click on the following link to view the species offered and the cost of tags available in 2023.. For detailed information, please call (406) 338-7207 between 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday MST.


Big Game Research Studies

The Blackfeet Fish & Wildlife Department is conducting two (2) separate big game studies on the reservation.   Daniel Bird, University of Montana - Doctoral student, is conducting an elk study that will shed light on the migratory patterns, habitat usage, elk calving areas, and the effect high impermeable fencing is having upon elk movements.   BFWD is working cooperatively with Glacier National Park, Montana Fish Wildlife & Parks, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and other partners on this important elk research.   In addition, Landon Magee, University of Montana - Graduate student, will be conducting a moose study on the reservation utilizing remote cameras.   These cameras are code-locked to prevent theft and any photos of humans will be blurred to maintain privacy.   Please do not disturb these cameras, as they will provide important information on moose recruitment, moose migratory patterns, and habitat usage.




FISHING UPDATE (1/20/23):   Mission Lake was reported to have open water in places, so please check ice conditions before venturing out onto the ice. 




Whitetail Deer tests positive for Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) on Blackfeet reservation – 11/27/2020 - Read More


Chonic Wasting Disease Frequently Asked Questions


                                                            CWD Check Station Crew

Blackfeet Fish & Wildlife Department's newest crew.   CWD - Chronic Wasting Disease Technicians.  Tyler K. Guardipee, Buddy Anthony Gray, Joe Hagberg, Supervisor, Tyrel Whitford & Angie Monroe.


BFWD - CWD Check Station Hours of operation:

Sunday - Saturday  6:30 am - 7:30 pm

(hours are subject to change pending daylight)

Telephone #406-845-9555

Get your harvest deer/elk tested.