General Fishing Regulations that apply to all persons

A.  Fishing Methods.

  • No person shall catch fish by means of snagging; by use of projectiles fired from a firearm or bow and arrow; by use of explosive compounds or any corrosive or narcotic poison; by use of electricity; by spear or gig; or, by use of a minnow trap, seine, gill net, trap net, or weir unless authorized by the Fish and Wildlife Director. Violators may be subject to no less than a $100 fine, confiscation of all equipment involved in the infraction, and paying a liquidated damage amount of $4.00 per inch on all fish regardless of species as stated in the Blackfeet Fish and Wildlife Code.

B.  Introduction of Fish.

  • No person shall fish with live minnows or empty live minnow buckets into waters on the Reservation. No person may hold any live fish in a live well, bucket, cooler, or any other device used for the purpose of live transport while traveling into, away from, or within the external boundaries of the Reservation without authorization from the Fish and Wildlife Director. Exceptions may include fish captured and held while on site.

C.  Chumming.

  • No person shall use chopped fish or introduce into any water any food substance or matter that may concentrate or attract fish.

D.  Ice Fishing Holes.

  • No person may cut holes of more than twelve (12) inches in diameter for ice fishing.

E.  Ice Fishing Houses.

  • No person shall allow an ice fishing house to be frozen in any lake, fail to identify an ice fishing house or have an ice house on a lake between the hours of 1/2 hour after sunset and 1/2 hour before sunrise.

F.  Seasons and Limits.

  • Seasons and limits will be determined by regulation.

G.  Catch-and-Release and Closed Areas.

  • (1) Catch-and-release only fishing for cutthroat trout on Midvale Creek, tributary to the Two Medicine River. Midvale Creek is CLOSED to the harvest of cutthroat trout.
  • (2) Catch-and-release fishing only for cutthroat trout on Wild Creek, tributary to the St. Mary River. Wild Creek is CLOSED to the harvest of cutthroat trout.
  • (3) All feeder canals and streams flowing into the following waters shall be CLOSED to fishing from March 15 until the third Saturday in May to protect vulnerable stocks of fish.
  • (a) Dog Gun Lake (Deep Creek)
  • (b) Four Horns Lake (entire Four Horns Feeder Canal)
  • (c) Mission Lake (Feeder Canal from the Two Medicine Main Canal to mouth)
  • (d) Kipp Lake (Feeder Canal from Willow Creek to mouth)
  • (e) Duck Lake (any waters flowing into the Duck Lake)
  • (f) Hidden Lake (entire Feeder Canal to mouth)
  • (4) It shall be unlawful to take or have in possession a Bull Trout in any waters with the exception of Duck Lake.
  • (5) Temporary species or water closures may be established by regulation. The Fish and Wildlife Director may declare any stream or lake closed to fishing for a period of up to fifteen days in order to protect fish recently introduced. Other area fishing closures may be established by regulation.

H.   The legal measurement method used to determine a fish's length will be the Total Length taken from the tip of its snout to the tip of the tail (tip to tip).

I.   Is shall be unlawful to fillet or otherwise process a fish taken into possession at a lake or stream in a manner that would prevent a game warden from identifying it to species and measuring its Total Length.

J.   No person shall urinate or defecate within the high water mark of any lake or stream.

K.   It shall be unlawful to litter. Violators will be prosecuted.

L.   Any person(s) whose vehicle falls through the ice or has a boat sunken shall be subject to environmental assessment of clean-up costs and fined.

M.   Some lakes may have aerators - Use Caution and beware of open water and ice conditions during winter months.

N.   It shall be unlawful to interfere with, retrieve or molest any Blackfeet Fish and Wildlife Department net, trap, weir, buoy, or other piece of equipment or property.

O.   There shall be no limit or size restrictions in the harvest of white suckers or longnose suckers.

P.  No aircraft Allowed to Land on Lakes or Reservoirs.

  • Absolutely no aircraft shall be allowed to land upon lakes or reservoirs on the Blackfeet Reservation. An aircraft is defined as being capable of atmospheric flight. Exceptions would include emergency landings that would otherwise result in a catastrophic event.



  • a non-member is defined as not being an enrolled member or descendant of an enrolled member of the Blackfeet Tribe.

A.  Permits.

  • Non-members with the age of thirteen or older must have in their possession a valid Fishing Permit or a Recreation/Conservation Permit, which must be presented upon demand by a Game Warden, and may not be transferred. A non-member child under the age of 13 may fish or recreate without a permit when accompanied by a licensed adult, but must observe all fishing rules and regulations and the combined catch must not exceed one legal limit. The Blackfeet Fish and Wildlife Recreation/Conservation Permit is NOT included with the Fishing Permits.

Permit Types and Fees  

  • Daily Fishing Permit - $30.00 (valid for purchase day only)
  • 3 Day Fishing Permit - $75.00 (valid for three consecutive days only)
  • Season Fishing Permit - $150.00 (valid April 1-March 31)
  • Recreation/Conservation Permit - $20.00 (valid April 1 - March 31)
  • Overnight Camping on Reservation Lakes Permit - $10.00 per night; maximum of 7 nights at one lake is permitted for self-contained units only. No Tents or Shelters will be allowed.  Regulations shall be followed at tribally owned campgrounds and reservation lakes.

B.  Fishing Seasons.

  • Rivers and Stream Fishing Season: The river and stream fishing season for non-members shall be open the third Saturday in May through November 30 unless otherwise stated by regulation.
    Lakes and Reservoir Fishing Season: Lakes and reservoirs shall be open the entire year unless stated by regulation.

C.  Fishing Hours.

  • No fishing shall be allowed between 1/2 hour after sunset and 1/2 hour before sunrise. In addition, no watercraft, ice house, or vehicles shall be on a lake or reservoir during these closed hours.

D.  Fishing Methods.

  • Fishing will be allowed by using only one rod or line with no more than 2 hooks. Exceptions include the use of two (2) rods or lines with no more than 2 hooks per line while fishing through the ice. All lines must be within immediate control of the angler. In addition, all General Fishing and Recreational Activity Regulations must be adhered to.

E.  Non-Member Fish Species Daily Limits.

  • Fish Species Possession Limits Shall Not Exceed Two (2) Daily Limits.


(includes rainbow trout, brown trout, and cutthroat trout)
Daily - 3
  • only 1 may be over 20 inches and only 1 fish may be a brown trout
Brook Trout Daily - 5
  • only 1 may be over 13 inches
Bull Trout All Waters are closed to bull trout angling Except for Duck Lake in which harvested Bull Trout will be included in the Daily Trout Limit
Lake Trout Daily - 2
  • only 1 may be over 20 inches
Whitefish Daily - 10

Burbot (ling)

Daily - 3
  • only 1 may be over 24 inches
Sauger/Walleye Daily - 5
  • only 1 may be over 20 inches
Northern Pike Daily - 5 (no limit at Hope Lake)
  • only 2 may be over 24 inches