TBA - Updated as of April 9, 2019

# on Map* Lake Status
1 Pike Lake Access Restricted/Difficult - Closed
2 Goose Lake Stocked
3 Duck Lake Frozen
4 Flattop Lake Closed
5 Lower St. Mary Lake Slow 
6 Cemetery Lake (Medicine Stab) Slow - Drying up
7 Kipp Lake  Open Water - slow fishing
8 Mission Lake

 Open Water - Fishing Good

9 Hope Lake


10 Two Medicine Reservoir Slow
11 Magee Lake  
12 Little Goose Lake Planted
13 Dog Gun Lake  Frozen  24" - 28" RBT 
14 Sapoo Lake  Will Be stocked
15 Pothole Lake Will be stocked
16 Ghost Lake Closed
17 Cooper Lake  Frozen  20" C/T
18 Mitten Lake Frozen
19 Lower Twin Lake open along the north shores - enough to fly fish
20 Chain Lake  will be planted
21 Upper Twin Lake open along the north shores - enought to fly fish
22 Horn Lake  
23 Heavy Gun Lake  
24 Four Horns Lake  Open water - low water table - fishable
25 Green Lake no report
26 Swift Reservoir No recent reports
27 Hidden Lake

Ice thickness 6" plus

Water Bodies - Management Areas on Blackfeet Reservation

See the fish stocking reports for Blackfeet Reservation lakes at the US Fish & Wildlife Service website. Also renew your licenses for the new season. You can also purchase them online. Rivers and stream season opens 3rd Saturday of May through November 30th.