TBA - Updated as of December 17, 2018 

# on Map* Lake Status
1 Pike Lake Access Restricted/Difficult - Closed
2 Goose Lake Stocked
3 Duck Lake Frozen
4 Flattop Lake Closed
5 Lower St. Mary Lake Slow 
6 Cemetery Lake (Medicine Stab) Slow 
7 Kipp Lake  20" trout 
8 Mission Lake Open Water
9 Hope Lake


10 Two Medicine Reservoir Slow
11 Magee Lake Closed - no fish in lake
12 Little Goose Lake Planted
13 Dog Gun Lake  24" - 28" RBT 
14 Sapoo Lake  Will Be stocked
15 Pothole Lake Will be stocked
16 Ghost Lake Closed
17 Cooper Lake  20" C/T
18 Mitten Lake Slow 
19 Lower Twin Lake Open water
20 Chain Lake  will be planted
21 Upper Twin Lake Open water 
22 Horn Lake No Longer stocked
23 Heavy Gun Lake  No Longer stocked
24 Four Horns Lake Open Water
25 Green Lake no report
26 Swift Reservoir No recent reports
27 Hidden Lake

Ice thickness 6" plus

Water Bodies - Management Areas on Blackfeet Reservation

See the fish stocking reports for Blackfeet Reservation lakes at the US Fish & Wildlife Service website. Also renew your licenses for the new season. You can also purchase them online. Rivers and stream season opens 3rd Saturday of May through November 30th.