Invasive Species Requirements


All fishing equipment, wading equipment, non-motorized, and motorized boats must be inspected prior to launch and/or use on the Blackfeet Reservation.


Photo Courtesy of Cassie Bear Medicine

Photo Courtesy of Cassie Bear Medicine

Reminder - Be Respectful and mindful of landowners & keep all gates closed.

Reminder - All 2019 hunters need to complete a harvest report before the 2020 hunting season. If you have any questions you can call the BFWD office (406) 338-7207. Thank you.

Attention all Upland/Waterfowl Bird Hunters - all Waders, any hunting equipment that will be immersed in the water NEED TO BE INSPECTED prior to hunting.



Aquatic Invasive Species Inspections


All forms of watercraft are ALLOWED on the Blackfeet Reservation waters. All wading equipment & non-motorized & motorized boats shall be inspected and will be good for 3 days. Fishermen that travel off the reservation within the 3 days; must get waders, fishing equipment, & non-motorized & motorized boats re-inspected.

All wading equipment, non-motorized, motorized boats coming from the Missouri system shall be dried 24 hours prior to use/inspection of the Reservation.

Felt Bottom boots - Illegal and shall not be worn in any lake or stream on the Blackfeet Reservation.

STOP AQUATIC HITCHHIKERS! Be a Good Steward. Clean. Drain. Dry.




UPDATE 12/17/19:

1) Highway #2 West - Browning,  CLOSED 406-885-1664


2) Highway #2 East - Seville,  CLOSED


3) Highway #89 South - Birch Creek, CLOSED



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