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2020 Successful Tribal Archery Hunter

Running Wolf brothers arrow a nice bull elk

On September 12, early in the morning, Ryan and Jordan Running Wolf, heard a bull bugle fairly close to them. The bull began trying to get their wind. According to Ryan, "The wind was at our advantage and we began trying to get north of the bull. After we got around the bull, he bugled again and we made a straight line toward the bull. We had walked through some thick aspens when he bugled again and we noticed he was very close as the bugle was very loud and echoed off every tree. As he got closer to our location, we could see his antlers twisting and turning, coming through the trees and as he was heading right in front of us, broadside. We stopped and we nocked our arrows. The bull got within 20yds and the bull was arrowed. The bull never knew we were there. He ran off about 20yds, turned broadside again when I had arrowed him a second time. The bull walked off a few steps and began staggering and eventually fell over. It was an experience I will never forget.”