2019 - 2020 Off-Reservation Yellowstone

Bison Hunt Regulations

Off-reservation Yellowstone Bison Hunt regulations recommended by the

Blackfeet Fish & Wildlife Commission on 11/22/2019 and approved by the

Blackfeet Tribal Business Council by resolution on 12/5/2019.


1. Cost of tags:  Free or charge a fee to off-set game warden costs.

($100 per tag/one tag per member; and no cap on the number of tags sold)


2. Game wardens present or are hunters on their own?

Blackfeet game wardens will be present during the peak of the bison migration

(February 1, 2020 through March 31, 2020) depending on weather and migration numbers.


3. Season length

The season will begin on the date bison regulations are officially approved by the BTBC (December 5, 2019

and end on March 31, 2020).


4.  Beatty Gulch regulations

No special regulations:  hunters will determine when they hunt this area:  the Blackfeet game wardens will be present February 1st through March 31st, if bison are migrating out of Yellowstone.


5. Number of hunters

Fish and Wildlife Department will be authorized to sell bison tags to any enrolled Blackfeet over 18 years of age.  Bison hunters must read the orientation materials and agree to abide by off-reservation hunting regulations.  One bison tag per member ($100) and no cap on the number of off-reservation bison hunters.


6.  Centerfire rifle with 150 gr. Bullet or larger.

We will require hunters to use a rifle with 150 gr. Bullet or larger and we will recommend hunters use non-lead bullets if possible.


7.  Helpers

Tribal members are encouraged to have 4 to 5 helpers.  These helpers can be tribal members, non-members, or descendants.


8. If Bison are not coming out, can hunters kill and elk?

The tags issued for the Yellowstone off-reservation bison hunt can be used to harvest an elk, if the hunter chooses to do so because the bison are not migrating out of Yellowstone National Park.  If a Blackfeet hunter makes this choice, he or she cannot hunt bison.  Blackfeet hunters must choose to harvest a bison or and elk, but not both.  BFWD will issue kill tags that are good for bison or elk.


9.  Harvest report required

All Blackfeet off-reservation bison hunters must report their harvest within 1 business day of their kill or decision to discontinue hunting if unsuccessful.  Any hunter who fails to contact the BFWD will be ineligible for bison hunting the next season.  Harvest reports can obtained from the BFWD or it can be completed directly online.


10. No gut piles within 200 yards of a road.

Blackfeet bison hunters must comply with this Forest Service regulation


11. Application of the Blackfeet Nation Fish and Wildlife Code.

Blackfeet Fish & Wildlife Code shall apply to Tribal-member violations only.  All Tribal members are required to follow regulations of the Code and must have a permit.